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Magnetic & Writing - Fully Costumizable

Flip chart

This magnetic & writing model size M (105x75cm) is ideal for lectures in the field, locker room and in the auditorium.

It is quite versatile, practical and resistant. 100% Customization allows coaches and clubs to create their perfect solution.

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For tactical boards


Pen Packs

Pen Packs


The Pen Packs, are vital tool for team sports coaches who value clear, effective communication with their athletes. Specially designed for use with SportsTraining tactical boards, this pen allows your thoughts and strategies to flow smoothly onto the board with its rich, black ink and robust tip, ensuring clarity and precision with every stroke.

What sets this pen apart is its comfortable grip, designed for easy handling and reduced fatigue during extended strategy sessions. Make the Pen Packs your essential ally in conveying your tactic vision to your athletes with both ease and precision.


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